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How It Works – All In One Loan

"All In One - Principal First Loan"

How It Works

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering what the “All In One – Principal First Loan” is and how it works. Well, put simply, it’s a home loan that works like a checking account. That’s right, borrowing and banking combined into a single instrument.

I came out of a traditional loan, which most folks do when you find the features of the All In One Loan. Going from a traditional loan to the “All In One – Principal First Loan” gives you so much more flexibility. So as opposed to paying in my interest and my principal, and locking down my principal, one thing I really like about this loan is that we’re able to pay down principal first, which includes the interest as well. And then, those funds sit there. Should you need them, they’re there and available for you. I’m a real estate broker. And so, where our cash flow comes, it comes in chunks. And so, when those monies come in, you can have the option to stick them in the bank and do not much, or we put them towards our mortgage. So, for me, it made sense.

If you think about it, your customer’s largest asset is their income, generally housed temporarily in their checking account before it’s spent. Why not maximize its value and use it to shrink their mortgage debt? Here’s how it works. Payments are made by making a deposit into the “All In One – Principal First Loan”. The entire deposited amount is automatically applied to the loan principal, driving the balance down a dollar per dollar. There is no limit on the number of deposits a borrower can make. Cash remains securely available 24/7. While money isn’t being spent, it’s saving them interest. Interest is computed nightly on the unpaid principal balance and then totaled when the month has ended and debited from the account automatically a few days later. It’s that easy. In the meantime, money not spent from the account continues to keep principal lower for longer and compounds your customer’s interest savings a month over month.

One of the primary benefits I find with the loan is that if you have any idle cash, being able to take that idle cash and put it towards a loan is far better than letting it sit in any of your traditional checking or savings account earning maybe 0.1% or perhaps losing money based on the fact that inflation is running 1% to 2% per year.

By switching to the “All In One – Principal First Loan”, borrowers can save tens of thousands of dollars in interest and pay off in half the time or less compared to a traditional mortgage. The best part is it requires no change to lifestyle or budget.

The “All In One – Principal First Loan” is the only home loan that allows you to pay principal first, therefore allowing you to save more in mortgage interest and pay your home off even sooner.

The most important thing about a mortgage is paying the least amount of interest possible. And that’s what the “All In One – Principal First Loan” does.


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There is a better option. The “All In One – Principal First Loan” is a better option for consumers that are simply looking to eliminate a large portion of the interest cost. As you can see, the “All In One – Principal First Loan”, or AIO could be the best loan option available in Colorado Springs.  Give us a call today to let us know how we can help at 844-719-5363

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