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VIDEO: Comparing Modular and Manufactured Homes

This is how modular and manufactured homes are built and financed.

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Manufactured, mobile, modular—they’re all used to describe types of homes, but there are some very critical differences to know if you’re looking to buy or sell one of these types of properties.

The first difference is in the construction of it. Manufactured homes are built in a factory to HUD specifications. Those are federally regulated specifications and they’re pretty high quality. A modular home is also built in a factory, but is built according to regional specifications as opposed to federal ones.

These homes are financed differently as well. A manufactured home can use any type of loan. However, it’s harder to get a loan for a manufactured home approved because there’s a negative stigma surrounding them when it comes to financing. Most banks won’t lend on these homes. They do technically allow it, but it’s a lot harder to get financing for these properties.


A modular home is built to regional specifications as opposed to federal ones.


When you see a home and it’s advertised as modular or manufactured, realize that it will significantly change your approach and your financing.

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