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Loan Limits Are Through the Roof

Here are all the numbers on the new loan limits we’ll see in 2022.

UPDATE: Dec 2021 FHFA announced updated limits of $647,250

Great news! Loan limits are going up and up for 2022. For 2021, the loan limit in Colorado Springs on single-family homes is $548,250. In 2022, it’s jumping up by $76,000 to roughly $625,000. That means in El Paso County, the conforming loan limits will be $625,000, and anything over that would be considered a jumbo loan.

For two-unit houses, that limit will be $800,000. A three-unit will be $967,000, and a four-plex (assuming you live in one of them) will be $1.2 million. This is all fantastic information going into 2022. A little note: For the next few months we’re at that 2021 limit, but you can submit loans now under the new limit and still get normal pricing. 

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